Pirate’s Day is always the last day of camp. The description below, written by Meredith after the 2003 festivities, provides a snapshot of the day’s always-fun routine..

The first annual Pirate’s Day took place on the final Friday of camp in 2003. As the name implies, we celebrated pirates on this day, dressing in stripes, eye patches, and other traditional pirate garb. Some of us, Todd especially, even talked like pirates all day, peppering our conversations with “Arrr!” and “aye, aye, Matey!”

We began the day with a play that starred the counselors in such roles as Barnacle Bill, a salty old sailor, and Beirne the banker. The campers listened intently to this silly play because the final scene revealed where the gold was hidden around Camp Albemarle. The campers ran off to find the gold, armed with “water discharge devices,” which allowed them to soak their fellow pirates as they ran after the gold. Though most everyone enjoyed running around and getting wet, we did have some water-free zones where campers and counselors alike could take a break. One of these dry zones was the “bank,” which is where campers exchanged their gold for paper money. The money was used to play carnival games that the counselors had planned in the afternoon.

The day ended when we all gathered out in the yard in front of the Lodge to take a picture in our Pirate outfits. As Todd, who had managed to stay dry all day, stood on the front steps to give directions, Carling and Bart climbed up on the roof, tip-toed to the edge, and dumped an entire cooler of water on his head. It was a great ending to a fun-filled day. We all look forward to Pirate’s Day 2004.