We play a lot of chess at Field Camp, and in 2002, we began to play a regular weekly tournament.


1. No peanut gallery. Peanut gallery behavior will result in immediate dismissal from the tourney, or even camp itself (an idle threat really).

2. Higher seed chooses color.

3. White goes first.

4. Games will not end with stalemate. The player with more pieces in a stalemate situation wins.

5. Check must be called.

6. Players must shake hands after games

7. Sportsmanship must be observed at all times

8. Any questions about rules will be resolved by Todd.

9. Any player who wins the tourney in two successive weeks will be handicapped by playing without a queen until he or she has lost (the “Michael P. Rule”).

10. Move is complete when one’s fingers are removed from a transferred piece (“Bart McIntosh Rule”).

Past Winners

2010: This year has seen a welcomed revival of the old chess tourneys. Among the distinguished players are Jack Riley, Ian Johnson, Lucas Critzer, Campbell Brickhouse, A.J. Harper, Will Knospe and Anders Knospe.

2004: Week 1: Robert, Week 2: Luke, Week 3: no tourney, Week 4 (dubbed the “Chess Brawl” by Elijah): Alex (knocking off Hendry in a big, big game), Week 5: no tourney (though Emily alone had managed to advance to the third round, and Week 6: no tourney

2003: Week 1: Robert, Week 2: Todd, Week 3: Robert, Week 4: Elijah, Weeks 5 and 6: tournament not finished due to Field Camp Day and Pirates Day (though Jesse looked poised to win both weeks)

2002: Kenny, Michael, John